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Mar 20, 2018 03:29 PM
By admin

Happy Nowruz! We have such a diverse and multi-cultural team at Inchol Solutions. Whenever we have a chance we like to share our culture and traditions with others so today we celebrated Persian new year (Nowruz) with Ali. It was a great morning full of healthy food and a lot of great stories and laughs.

It's so important that we respect and honor the diversity that is among us. We must open our hearts and minds to the traditions of others to preserve these for future generations. Our worlds cultures and languages are being lost as the people of the world merge together. Let's all take time to celebrate the diversity around us. We all have much more in common than we think and it's fun to try new things. Keep up the great work Genies!


Jan 29, 2018 03:40 PM
By admin
Dance studios, parents, and dancers rejoice! 2018 is going to be a groundbreaking year for the dance community. Below you will find our development roadmap and a short summary of each item listed. Next week we will dive deeper into each one and fill you in with all of the juicy details. Let us know if you have any questions by submitting a comment below.

1. What is Cherish? 
Cherish is a digi-comp by DanceComp Genie. Submit a video of you performing any routine that you registered to a competition using DCG registration for your chance to win up to $1000. With multiple divisions and placements in each division, there are lots of ways to win big!
2. A new DanceComp Genie Registration? 
Yes! We have done a complete rebuild of our software with cutting-edge technology. Registration will be streamlined with the help of AI. More details to come next week!
3. A Dakiki app? For
This is going to revolutionize the way studios and parents/dancers communicate. was a research product that is being amplified way beyond its current features.
4. What is the Dakiki Studio Manager? 
We've spent years researching and developing this product. While it includes your typical class registration/management tools, it is soo much more than that. It's also going to be free for your studio to use. No more monthly charges for your registration system. The real beauty of the system will be revealed next week as we share more news. In a nutshell, it's designed to boost your revenue and client retention.
We thank you for your part in the DCG Community and appreciate your on-going support and feedback. The more people we spread the word to the better the products become thanks to feedback and resource growth! Let's do this together!

Feb 24, 2017 02:32 PM
By inchol
We are currently running survey's with customers and users to help us understand ways to optimize our app and products. The feedback has been overwhelming. The positive comments are pouring in and warming our hearts today at the office! 
Here is a small sample size of comments submitted by studios, dancers and parents:
We asked if there was an app or something we could build for them to make their lives easier.
"I'm very happy with Dance comp Genie. Now if only more competitions that we go to would use it!"
"I can't even think of an app that I need that I don't already have! haha...I do love the dance genie though for competitions!"
"I love the dance comp app you already have :)"
"Having dance genie available at all competitions. Love that it gives you real time information!"
"I like your app now! Keep up the good work:)"
"Love Dance Comp Genie just the way it is now....can't think at this time of any app or website that would greatly improve my life different than what is already available."
"Y'all do a wonderful job!"
"I like your app"
"I think your app is great the way it is... dance moms like coffee!!"
"I love the Dance Comp Genie app! "
We want to thank the dance industry for your support over the past decade and helping us help you through our innovative technology! 
Have a great weekend!