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Jan 07, 2015    Views: 4392    By admin

Offering an App vs Program Books


There is a lot of discussion going on right now comparing competition apps to program books. Both provide a similar purpose and have their own pros and cons. It’s pretty common knowledge that a lot of competitions will be using an app this season, and even more in years to come. We already have almost 50 competitions using the DCG Events App in 2015! At the end of the day we are finding that companies are forming into two groups; those that only want to offer an app, and those that want to offer both.  So, what does this mean for dance competitions? What does this mean for dancers?

Why an app is the best way to go.

Technology is overtaking the dance competition scene in a positive way.  The app is helping alleviate the costs and shortfalls of printing and selling bulky program books. After a program book has been printed, the content is locked into print. This can create problems when things change – such as when an adjudicator becomes unavailable, they will still have a bio in the book. Another common issue is if the schedule changes, the change will not be reflected in the program book. An app is designed to adapt to the changes of a competition and provides the most up-to-date information to the buyer. The content is also easier to read in a dark venue because the app is displayed on a bright screen. Another advantage is the content types that can be delivered to the buyer. An app can provide different types of content that are not available in a printed book. Can your program book stream live photos from the event? Will your program book provide audience voting for special awards such as a Viewers Choice Award? The answer is no, but an app can. The reason an app is the best way to go is that it will keep your content fresh and provide features to keep your spectators entertained and connected to the show.

Why a program book is the best way to go.

A program book is something a family can take away from the dance competition and hold as a memory for years to come. Most program books that I see are printed with beautiful colors on slick glossy paper. They look and feel awesome. When it comes to having a keepsake that can be brought home and looked at years down the road, an app just can’t compare with a program book.

Why it’s best to offer both.

People love choice, so it is probably best to offer both options to the studios, dancers and families that attend your locations. Program books stack up over time and some people don’t want to purchase them at every location they attend. An app provides a more affordable option during a long run of regional events. Not all spectators will have a smart device so it is important to provide a resource, like a program book, to allow them to follow along during the show. For the attendees that wish to utilize the advantages of both, many of our clients will be offering a discounted price on the program book for spectators that have activated the app for that location. By offering both an app and a program book to your audience, you can maximize on the experience at your dance competition location.

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