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Dec 05, 2014    Views: 4324    By admin

Do High Schools Make Good Dance Competition Venues?


We have been seeing an increase in the use of high schools for dance competition venues and our client's often ask us if this is a good idea. A high school doesn’t bring the same feeling as a theatre setting, especially a beautifully restored theatre with a lot of history. But when it comes to meeting the top 10 requirements of a good venue location, many high schools pass the test! 

The number one item you will need the high schools to have is a decent theatre. This isn’t available in all, but many do have this. It's has become a common addition to newly built schools so it's best to begin by contacting the most recently built schools first. If the school does have a theatre for you to use then mostly likely your other needs are going to be met; such as good change rooms, good parking and a safe amount of space to move around.

It’s important to visit the venue and get a feel for the environment. How easy is it for dancers to enter and exit the stage? How will you setup the change rooms? Is there enough seating for the audience? Are there restaurants nearby? Check out this post on what makes a good venue for some other ideas on what to look for.

If the high school will meet your needs you should see if it is available on the dates you need it. Check into costs on rental and deposits, and the other rules and restrictions that apply. It’s important to understand all of the conditions, as they may be different than what you are used to with other venue types.
Yes! High schools do make good dance competition venues. Following this guide will help to ensure that the event is a success for your business and the dancers that compete!

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