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Jul 23, 2015    Views: 11398    By admin

DCG Events App - Event Profiles, Ratings and Reviews

During the next few months studios and dancers are going to start deciding which competitions they will be attending in 2016. It's important to have your competition information easy to find so studios and dancers can learn about your events and locations. It's a fact that more people search from mobile devices than computers, so it is important to have a mobile presence for your business.
When it comes to mobile, the DanceComp Genie Events app is the place to be! This widely popular tool is taking the dance competition scene by storm.
I could write for days about all of the amazing features in the DCG Events app but I'll focus this post just around the event profiles, ratings and reviews.
Most competitions now have a profile in the app. If you don't let us know and we will help you complete your profile. Studios and dancers use the app to share experiences and help others learn about the competition options available today.
When a user finds a competition that they would like to learn about they are able to press it and load a profile page for the event. This profile page contains a bio, a rating, contact information, registration links, and a button to view the competitions locations for the up-coming dance season.
The user can then click on the ratings to read the reviews from past attendees. What makes this rating and review system so amazing? Unlike online review websites, we can track which users actually attended the competition to ensure the dance competition reviews and ratings are made by real people with a real experience to share.
If the user is interested in attending the competition they can search their city to find the location that is nearest to them.


Don't miss out on this wonderful resource for competitions and dancers. It's free for competitions join and is used by a lot of studios and dancers to search for events.
*If you need your competition added or updated let us know and we will be happy to get you setup! Contact us from the link in the menu above or call 1-866-663-2555.

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