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Dec 15, 2011    Views: 6921    By admin

DanceComp Genie Clients And Followers


We Need Your Advice

When we started the DanceComp Genie we agreed on one core concept - we are building software for you, not us. We decided to engage in an on-going discussion with the dance community to understand and improve it's relationship with technology. Our attention to detail and support from the dance community has enabled us to build a perfect line of software products for managing your dance business.

We are constantly making improvements and adding new features. The product line is extendable and is designed for growth. If you think our software is great today, just try to imagine it tomorrow.

Annual updates will be released each Summer after Nationals are all wrapped-up.  These updates contain loads of new features, settings and user controls.
The updates are based on the feedback we collect through-out the season regarding ways we can improve specific areas of the software. If you wish to participate in these discussions, visit the DanceComp Genie Support Center found on our website. You will also notice an easy to use "Feedback" button on the right side of the page. Click this button to provide "Suggestions" and any problems or "Issues".

We also wish to say thank you to the dance industry for choosing to work with the DanceComp Genie. Your feedback and support is our most important resource - we could not have built such an incredible network without it.


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anonymous  said:

A million thanks for ptosing this information.

Posted on Dec 21, 2011 02:05 PM

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