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Dec 12, 2014    Views: 11491    By admin

Bored Spectators - Keeping the Audience Entertained


A dance competition can be an exciting place. The energy of dancers coming off stage, and nervousness of those waiting to perform, keeps the atmosphere alive and busy. But after while, it can feel exhausting and the waiting times between performances can seem like forever. Spectators should be kept engaged and, if possible, made to feel that they are part of the competition. Here are 6 awesome ways to provide entertainment for the spectators running around and watching a dance competition.

1. A Great MC

I was sitting at my airport gate the other day and had a couple hours until my flight began boarding.  During the wait a staff member of the airline kept making announcements through the airport speakers. The annoucements were lined with jokes and entertaining stories. This made the wait time feel much shorter than it was. I’ve had similar experiences at dance competitions, where an MC will blend humor into announcements or tell a funny story during an unscheduled delay. If you can find an MC that loves to talk and interact with the audience, go for it. 

2. Program Books

A classic, and available at most dance competitions, are the program books. Having something to read while waiting for the next routine is a nice way to pass the time. Program books can be filled with a lot of different bits of information related to your company (i.e future dates, past title winners), the current location (i.e schedule, judge bios), and various stories.

3. Get an App 

An app is a great tool for providing entertainment to the audience members and can provide a much richer experience than a printed program book. The DCG Events app is designed to keep spectators engaged during the long days of a competition.  It’s filled with entertainment and tools to help everyone stay on point during the event.

4. Audience Voting

If you haven’t already, we suggest starting a ‘viewer’s choice’ award and have the audience decide on the winners. Like many hit TV shows, this will bring them into the competition and make them feel part of the show.  Voting and winners can be managed via the DCG Events app very easily.

5. Photo Streaming

Setup with Instagram and provide a back-stage viewing pass for the audience. Have staff members go around snapping photos and publishing them online throughout the day. This will provide a steady stream of content for people waiting around. They can then share these photos with friends and family members to show them just how much fun they are having at your event.

6. Contests
Hosting a draw or running various contests are a fun way to interact with your spectators. They are also a great way to keep people hanging around the venue which can help keep energy levels and excitement up. These can be as simple as pulling a name out of a hat, selling 50/50 tickets or a doing mail in contest with the results announced on the day of the competition.

We hope this post will help dance competitions come up with more ways to entertain the spectators and audience members during their competition locations this season. This can go a long way for growing a dance competition company. The chance of a person coming back next season is higher when they leave the event with positive memories. And when they return, they may invite more friends and families to join in the fun. In the long run, this can lead packed venues and performances full of energy and excitement!

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