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Feb 04, 2016    Views: 7649    By inchol

Be The Best That You Can Be


FACT: If your event is NOT using DanceComp Genie products you are going to be passed by your competitors.
We own of the largest database of dance events, studios and dancers, allowing us to analyze the hottest trends in the industry.
Using our resources, we have been watching the growth of the event companies using DanceComp Genie products, and those that do not use DanceComp Genie products over the past 5 years.
This is the result of our study.
FACT: On average companies that work with DanceComp Genie receive 20% more registrations per location year over year.

FACT: Companies that work with DanceComp Genie increase locations by an average of 15% each season compared to companies using 3rd party or in-house solutions.

FACT: Companies using DanceComp Genie Video products save 40-60% on their video costs compared to when they hired 3rd party video solutions. 

Take your business to the next level TODAY by talking with DanceComp Genie!
We help business owners reach their most loftiest goals.
Custom solution?
Simple Setup?
No matter your size, we can help you boost your registrations today!

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