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Jul 08, 2015    Views: 4538    By admin

Another Season in the Rearview

The 2015 season will soon be in the rearview. You're likely in the homestretch of the current dance season or you’ve already wrapped up your events. Before the year is over you will need to conduct a review of the season, and plan for 2016.  Here's a basic list of items that should be reviewed during the months of the ‘off-season’. This list should help guide your review process.
1. Performance
You first want to make sure you have all of your accounting up to date. This will give you a helpful tool for gauging your performance. If you were looking to increase profits, check the bottom line of your balance sheets. If you were looking to increase cities, review your expansion locations to see how each one did. If you were looking to improve PR and gain a strong social media following, review your social media accounts. The key to this step is to review the plans and goals you had set for the season and see what was accomplished.
2. Employees
The end of the season is the perfect time to sit down with employees and review their contribution to the company’s overall performance. It’s important to make notes during the season to help you remember all of the good and bad things that each staff member did. The good things are actions that the staff member did that had a positive impact on the company, the customers, or other employees. The bad things are actions that negatively impacted the company, the customers, or the other employees. Make sure you review the general results from the season with them and share with them how they contributed to the overall outcome. It’s also important to provide direction on how the individual can improve and become even better (even the best can get better!). 
3. Marketing
Marketing is an investment. An investment's return is very important, so analyze your ROI for each campaign. If you are not meeting your goals you may need to adjust your marketing style or increase your marketing budget. Every business should allocate 5-10% of revenue towards their marketing budget. If you aren’t in this range you should increase your budget. One main reason is repetition. Marketing must be repetitive in order to be effective. The marketing world is firing advertisements at your customers non-stop and without repetition they won’t notice your efforts. 
The trick to maximizing your ROI on your marketing budget is by utilizing powerful and free platforms, like Facebook, and leveraging them with a few paid services. We discussed this in February in our Sell More Swag and Program Books article and will release a much more detailed guide about marketing your competition soon.
4. Software
Software is a big part of any business and can make-or-break a business. Software is like a robot. It’s like a robot employee. Is your software doing everything it can for you? Is it working hard 24 hours a day? Is it taking the grunt of the heavy lifting for you? Take some time to review your software and ask these questions. 
Before many of our clients started using DanceComp Genie software they would politely tell us that they ‘already have software and don’t need anything right now.’ Their software was like an 71’ Ford Pinto. It drove and got them from A to B but caused a lot of problems and expenses. Only now that they are using our famous DanceComp Genie product do they understand that not all software is equal and a great software product will reduce tons of work and expenses.
5. Yourself
Personal reflection should be done on a daily basis. At the end of the season you should conduct a more macro review of yourself – how you were before the season, during, and after. What’s different? What could you have done better? What do your customers feel about you? What does your staff feel about you? Another item to look at are your own personal goals for the business and your life. Any books you haven’t had time to read? Any courses you would like to take? Any dream destinations you could travel to as a personal gift? At the end of it all, take some time to put you first and see what you discover!

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