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7 Ways to Increase Competition & Convention Registrations

One key to running a successful dance competition or convention is to maximize your registrations and attendance. Having a sold out show can help in a number of ways, outside of the obvious monetary benefits. More people will bring more excitement to a location. And excitement is good. Excitement increases the level of competition pushing dancers to perform at their best. You want your event to be the talk of the town leading up to the date of the competition or convention. Here are some tips on maximizing your dance competition or dance convention registration.

1. Keep The Adjudicators Pumped

Nothing can be more awkward than an audience gasping at the ‘strange’ results being announced during an awards ceremony. Spectators track performances and scores in their program book or on their DCG Events App, so they have a pretty good idea of who should be winning awards. If they feel changes to scores have been made because the level of adjudication was not consistent throughout an entire event, they will not be coming back. Make sure judges are taken care of with food, water and coffee. Judges and their critiques are the core purpose of the entire event and an important reason why dancers attend competitions.

2. Visit Dance Studios Personally

Dance studios are constantly being called, emailed, and mailed to by event companies. They are tired of it and often tune it out. One great way to reach out is to take the time to personally visit a dance studio. They appreciate this, and it can help you share important information with them that they might not have noticed in your previous attempts to contact them. 

3. Registration Discounts

Set a registration amount, or a set of tiered amounts, that provides a discount for the dance studio. For example, if their registration total exceeds $5000 they will get 10% off the total. This can encourage studios to create a few more routines if they are just under the bar.

4. Find Great Venues

If two competitions or conventions are in town on the same weekend, the choice can sometimes come down to which one has the better venue. A venue doesn’t need to be expensive; a high school with a theatre can work great. It’s important that the venue has the size and facilities to meet the needs of your attendees. 

5. Provide Online Registration Software

Dance studio staff members are a busy bunch and work long hours. It’s important to provide a fast and easy way for them to register to your event. A good registration system will let each studio have an account so that they can log in a few times to work on a registration. Large registrations take time to complete and are difficult to do in one sitting. DCG Registration software isn’t expensive and very easy to use. It’s worth looking into.

6. Show Off with Photos and Videos

Show off your event with photos and videos, and studios will want to join the fun. Today’s technology makes this easy thanks to websites like Instagram and Facebook. Load photos and videos to your website to show them e to people looking into your company for the first time. It’s a great way to grab their interest with a solid first impression.

7. Take Advantage of Social Media 

Use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to broadcast photos and videos from your events. This will help build up a good content base for your accounts. Encourage attendees to share this content to increase more followers. Social media growth is all about momentum, so once you begin this process make sure to keep it going. You will notice the growth of your accounts and business will become easier in time.

Here are just seven basic tips to help studios take notice. We always encourage our clients to find creative ways to help their businesses standout from the crowd. We hope these suggestions help you get thinking about some more ways to increase your registrations in 2015…and beyond!

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