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Did you know we provide FREE marketing services for clients?

Our clients are seeing more and more success every year; launching more locations and collecting more registrations than ever before. It's a common known fact that events that use DanceComp Genie software grow each year than those that don't. We like to think of this as the DanceComp Genie advantage. Our aim is to help our clients grow to the best they wish to be, the same way you feel towards your clients and dancers that attend your shows. 

Did you know we provide FREE marketing services for clients? 
We can put your brand in front of over 20 000 studios and well over 500 000 dance families. Here are 5 ways to get powerful marketing from us at no cost to you (for clients only).

- Send us a testimonial of your time with DanceComp Genie and we'll add it to our clients page. This page is visited by a lot of studios and dancers so it's a good way to get some extra exposure, and let them know that you're connected to the Genie!
- Clicking on a brand will display a story like this. If you feel DanceComp Genie's products and services has helped you take your business to another level we are interested in setting up a special page for you. These sections are visited by many studios and dancers as they are referenced on Google when searching for competitions. It's a great way to stand out from the pack!

- You can make the newsletter in a couple of ways. The easiest is to send us a little banner for the side column. Another option is to right an informative blog post for the newsletter. This is a great way to share your knowledge and give back to the dance community while promoting your business.

4. Send us some images for our social media sites
- If you have some great event photos we can share these on our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages. If you search 'dance pictures' on Google, we are often on the top with our Pinterest account. This page receives A LOT of traffic. 

5. Send us a flyer for emailing
- We can target specific regions with our targeting emailing system to help you reach more clients. Clients often use this to top off their location registrations or assist in expanding to new cities. 

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Did you know we provide FREE marketing services for clients?...
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