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Why Don't You Manage Your Own Video Adjudication?


Offering Video Adjudication can be expensive without DCG Video. Studios want video critiques but you need to provide them for free. Why not minimize your cost with DCG Video?

You also need to get studios their videos fast. Our data shows a huge drop off of downloads 2-3 days after the competition is over. If you are taking 2-3 days to deliver videos your efforts are being lost. Why not get studios their videos the next day and maximize your efforts?

We provide you with all of the tools to make it easy to provide video critiques at a minimal cost. Why pay a 3rd party big bucks to manage this when you can do it all in-house for such a low price?
Super affordable! - Two Payment Options
  • Option 1 - Pay one price for unlimited video
  • Option 2 - Pay-as-you-go at $1-$2 per routine
  • Free updates every year
  • Free Training
  • No annual license fee for life for new clients*

All You'll Need is One Camera and Three Microphones
  • If you have a video company attending your locations to record performance videos then you can stream their video feed into the recording computer. This way you don't need to purchase the camera for filming.
  • Any camera will work with the software.
    • You can use anything from a simple USB Webcam to a professional HD camera.

DCG Video does ALL the editing and post-production automatically
  • All videos are ready for delivery immediately after the routine has left the stage.
  • Delivers videos for a full location (approx 500 routines) online to studios in 8 hours.
  • For DCG Events App clients:
    • Videos can be even be streamed onto mobile devices using the DCG Events app!
Multiple Servers for Faster Uploading
  • Uploading speed is affected by the distance from your computer to the data server. To ensure fast delivery from any location, we have servers on the east coast and the west coast.
    • You can choose which server to upload your videos to depending on your location.
We're Filling Up!
  • Don't delay in contacting us!
    • There is still time to get setup for the season but we need 3-4 weeks to ensure a comfortable and smooth setup and training process, especially if you have multiple sets of hardware to configure.
    • Contact us today and we can provide you with all of the information required to make a comfortable decision to buy.
Get setup with DanceComp Genie Video for 2016!
It's a decision you won't regret; just ask the 100+ competitions already using this great product!

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Why Don't You Manage Your Own Video Adjudication?
Oct 07, 2015 02:05 PM

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