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Mar 05, 2015    Views: 7861    By admin

You Don't Have An Audience Choice Award Yet?!?


If you have been attending competition locations hosted by DanceComp Genie clients this year you have probably noticed a hot new trend – Audience Choice Awards. This is relatively new to the dance competition scene but it is receiving a lot of praise from studios, dancers, and families. Let’s look into these awards to learn about how they work, the different ways they can be structured, and if your competition should be adding an Audience Choice Award into the mix!

How Audience Voting Works

Dance competitions have traditionally used one way to calculate award winners, the judge’s scores. Over the past decade we have seen the rise of a second set of awards that are handpicked or nominated for by the judges (i.e. Best Smile Award, Most Entertaining Award). Now, in 2015, we have a third way to calculate award winners – audience voting.  
Audience voting was created as a way to bring the spectators into the competition. All competitions should be trying to find more ways to entertain their guests and this is a great place to start.

Competitions using the DanceComp Genie Events app can setup a special award in their control panel with the help of a wide range of settings (DanceComp Genie is all about flexiblity for our customers). During the competition, the audience can vote for their favorite routines to determine the winner of the prestigious 'Audience Choice Award'.

Some Ways To Structure Your Competition’s New Audience Choice Award

There are a number of ways that you can structure your new audience choice award. The most basic way is to open the voting up for all of the routines performing at the competition. Depending on your settings, audience members can vote once per day, per session, or once per weekend. Some of our clients are choosing to host a ‘dance-off’ during the competition weekend and using the audience voting tool in the DCG Events app to get the spectators to pick the winners. This is a great idea for creating a big buzz around the new award! 

The prize for winning the award varies between competitions. Some are offering a cash prize (one of our clients is giving $1000 to the winner!), scholarships, a trophy/plaque/medal, or just some simple swag like a branded t-shirt. The energy around the award can be as serious or fun as you like!

Should You Be Adding Audience Voting To Your Competition?

It’s important to provide as much entertainment to the audience as possible. Competition days can be long and stressful, especially for a parent attending their 2nd or 3rd competition of the season. Using the DanceComp Genie Events app will keep attendees engaged and entertained during the entire weekend. The ‘DCG app’ combined with a new 'Audience Choice Award' is a fantastic way to make sure all of your spectators have a positive competition experience at each of your locations. TV shows like SYTYCD have successfully brought the viewer into the show using audience voting. Your customers are already enjoying this type of voting from shows like SYTYCD or the other competitions already providing this. They will be excited when you add it to your competitions and annouce the winners during your award ceremonies!


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You Don't Have An Audience Choice Award Yet?!?
Mar 05, 2015 12:36 PM

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