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Program Books + An App = A World of Limitless Possibilities

Part 1: Let’s stop looking at the app as a hand-held schedule and look at it for what it really is. 
When I’m discussing the DanceComp Genie Events app with people they think of the app as a product that will interfere with their program book sales. This point alone blocks them from looking further into the wonderful world of the DCG Events app. Here is what I explain to them, and what helps them open up their minds to an exciting world of limitless possibilities. 
‘So, what does the DanceComp Genie Events app really do?’
First, let’s stop looking at the app as a hand-held schedule. This is the root of the problem. The schedule is a very small part of the DCG Events app. 
  • The app is a social tool that is designed to connect businesses with clients to form closer relationships. 
  • It is a tool that provides limitless entertainment to the audience. 
  • It provides free marketing and promotional opportunities for your business. 
  • It provides feedback to help your business provide a better experience for your customers. 
  • It also provides a new revenue stream without interfereing with your program book sales. 
Second, the app isn’t going to disrupt your program book sales. The thought process of your customer isn’t going to be - “I’ll either get the program book or the app’, it’s going to be - ‘I’ll get the program book and the app’. This is possible because they offer very different benefits and when setup properly one will promote and enhance the experience of the other. This isn’t just a statement this is a fact. The app has been used at competitions almost every weekend for the past 6 months and our clients are selling just as many program books as before. In fact, many are selling more because they are using the app to promote and enhance their program book.
The app and the program book are two separate products with their own unique personalities. People want program books. And they will continue to want program books for years to come. But they also want to connect with your competition and interact with it during the event in a social way. And they want to be entertained. We are in a social revolution and the app feeds this hunger in people. The app provides a constant stream of entertainment that will pull the attendees into the competition so that they are constantly engaged. 
Technology can often be seen as disruptive. Innovative technology creates change, and change isn’t always welcomed with open arms. The app is quickly becoming a staple product for competitions. We have over 50 competitions signed up to use the DCG Events app in 2015 and expect this number to double by the end of the season. Successful people that run successful businesses understand that before making a decision or standing by an opinion, it is important to look at the full picture. These people are often called “the leaders.” They have the ability to adapt to technology faster and standout from the crowd. We take the time to provide our clients, and non-clients, with all of the information they need to make conscious and educated decisions. To learn more about the app and all the ways it can help your business grow, please feel welcome to email us at or call us at 1.866.663.2555. 
Check back next week for Part 2 – How the DCG Events app can enhance your program book to increase program book sales.

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Program Books + An App = A World of Limitless Possibilities
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