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Jun 08, 2012    Views: 9392    By admin

Dance Studio Management. Seriously Simplified.

Dance Studio Management. Seriously Simplified.
DanceComp Genie 'Studio Magic' is a set of tools that work with you as you manage your dance studio. A perfect system for dance studios. DCG Studio handles your registrations, invoicing and other administrative tasks with intelligent precision. DCG Studio will be released during the summer of 2012, in time for the new school year. Aside from helping organize students and classes, the system will also make registration a breeze during competition season.

DCG Studio is packed with features designed to simplify studio management. We will highlight some of the most innovative and cutting edge features over the next few weeks as we prepare for our launch this summer.

One great feature is our 'Slide Scale Pricing' feature. This allows you to setup your studio fees based on your class times and tuition or hourly rates - for each of your various class types. You set this up once. The system will then use your settings to automatically calculate the fees you will charge every time you add a new class to your registration calender.

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anonymous  said:

Going to put this artclie to good use now.

Posted on Jan 07, 2015 02:34 AM
Dance Studio Management. Seriously Simplified.
Jun 08, 2012 04:17 PM

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