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5 Tips: Maintaining your Dance Floor


Do’s and Don’ts of floor care

1.    Do not clean your floor with water only

??Why:  Besides dust, dirt and scuffs, perspiration, body oil and lotions get on your floor every day.  Oil and water do not mix, so the end result of washing your floor only with water is to spread the oil residue all over the floor making for a slippery surface.

What to do:  Use a commercial detergent degreaser to dissolve the oil.

2.    Do not clean your floor with ammonia, alcohol, and acetone (the 3 A’s)

Why:  Every Marley type floor is made with a plasticizer that allows flexibility, so the floor can roll up, otherwise the floor would be ridged and subject to cracking.  Ammonia and alcohol releases the plasticizer causing the floor to get stiff and ultimately crack, in essence accelerating the aging process.  Acetone will first soften, and then melt the floor.

What to do:  Clean your floor on a regular basis (once a week) with an approved cleaner.  Special spot removing treatments should be available from your floor supplier.

3.    Do not leave top tape on for more than four months and double faced tape or two years

Why:  All tapes have a shelf life and if you leave your tape on too long it can get brittle and come off in chunks.   The adhesive can migrate onto your floor becoming sticky and collect dirt.

What to do:  Change top tape every four months and double faced tape every two years.  Use a tape adhesive solvent compatible with your floor material to remove excess adhesive before applying new tape.

4.    Do not use coca cola, vinegar or other remedies to make your floor non-slip

Why:  Most dance floors do not have a factory finish to protect them from foreign substances.  Coke will literally dissolve your floor and vinegar mixed with the body oils and lotion already on the floor makes for a pungent and ineffective salad dressing.

What to do To keep your floors non-slip first keep them clean on a regular basis.  Second eliminate big swings in temperature and humidity in the room to reduce moisture build up, and third, use entrance mats to stop foreign materials and dirt from getting on your floor.

5.    Do not use household detergents or any products not designed to be used on dance flooring

Why:  Most household products are designed to clean and leave a shiny deposit on your floor, which will make it shinny but also slippery.

What to do:  Use approved products from the flooring manufacturer.

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5 Tips: Maintaining your Dance Floor
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