Showcase is the most innovative and progressive Dance competition ever to be created in the history of Australia & New Zealand. Since 1994, over 1.3 million dollars in cash awards and prizes have been given out to aspiring dancers.

Showcase is not only the original and official National Dance Championships of Australia but it's hailed as one of the most elite in the world. Now in their 3rd decade, Showcase will continue to grow and evolve and not only be proudly Australian made and operated but be a fun filled family event. Peter Oxford and his entire team take pride in what they do and everything they have achieved and want to thank the countless number of Australian & New Zealand families who have supported them for over 30 years!

The Roots


As the premier competition in Australia, Showcase needed a solution to handle the piles of paper that were being mailed into the office every week. Payment collection was slow and time-consuming. DanceComp Genie began working with Showcase in 2012. The DCG software solution made their paper trail almost non-existant, creating an automated registration and payment system. This helped stablized all internal processes allowing them to focus on launching new locations and new brands, such as Hollywood Bound.

The Solution

It was important for Showcase to have a complete software solution to cover all angles of the business. They decided to go with the full DanceComp Genie suite for online registration, scheduling, scoring, critiques, and a back-end system for managing all staff, users, data and payments. Our software provided Showcase with a successful solution to every issue they were facing.

Peter Oxford and the Showcase staff have more time to spend with their customers, building stronger relationships, gaining feedback and ultimately building up one of the world's premier dance competitions to even greater heights!


Showcase and Hollywood Bound use customized versions of these great DCG products:

DCG Competition
DCG Convention
DCG Scheduling
DCG Tabulation
DCG Audio/Video
DCG Events app for Smartphones


“DanceComp Genie is always on hand to assist you when you have a question and with us being on the other side of the world, in a different time zone, they have always been accommodating and been there when we needed them. Even if you are not computer tech savy, they are able to talk you through any issue.”

- Peter Oxford


35 Regionals
2 popular
#1 competition
2 Nationals
Australia, New Zealand
The Result

Showcase was doing great before we starting working for them, but growth was being limited with all the extra work they had to do each day to handle everything. Now that their DCG software is working for them, Showcase is absolutly booming! They have doubled the business since 2012. Not only can they host competitions in more cities, but they can now host more routines per city. Showcase as recently launched a brand new competition called Hollywood Bound. Combined, they host a total of 35 cities, including 2 national competitions.

“Studios love the audio/video critiques. We receive a lot of positive feedback for these.”

- Showcase
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